Kevin Carson, professionally known as DJ. Kevie-Kev Rockwell, was born in Harlem, NY. He began his career as a DJ at the age of 17 and became part of a group called “ROCKWELL INC.”  During this time, he threw block parties and then met Grand Wizard Theodore and Grand Master Flash who became his mentors. In 1982 Grand Wizard Theodore asked DJ. Kevie-Kev Rockwell to join a group, called the Fantastic 5. In 1982, Charles Ahearn invited DJ. Kevie-Kev Rockwell to work on the soundtrack for the first Hip Hop Film, “Wild Style”. He them met his favorite mentor, The Legendary Grand Mixer, D X T. In 1983, MC Waterbed Kev, one of the MC’s from the Fantastic 5, asked DJ. Kevie-Kev Rockwell to tour with him to sing his hit, “All Night Long.”  DJ. Kevie-Kev is currently the DJ for Video Music Box and the Spin Off 16 BARS Powered by Video Music Box.  He has also made tributes towards the community and has received awards. In 2017, Fairleigh Dickinson University and The Mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Joseph Ganim, recognized him in the Hip Hop Expression of Black History. In 2018, Connecticut, Senator Richard Blumenthal gave DJ. Kevie-Kev Rockwell a Certificate of Recognition at the Annual Hip Hop Expression of Black  History. He will be teaching The Cultural of Hip-Hop Around the World in October 2018, where he will start his Ambassadorship with the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs. DJ. Kevie-Kev Rockwell has been an integral part of Hip Hop and continues to DJ for several venues throughout the tri state area and around the world.
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