Born in Wilson North Carolina, Kool Dee and Tyrone came up from North Carolina to New York when he was 7 years old in 1963. We lived in Harlem, Brooklyn then we moved to the Bronx in the 70s. Dee was thirteen or 14. As Dee was growing up he was going to different clubs with fake ID to get in, also he were  big for his age. Dee mother always gave parties  and Dee stayed up listening to the music and watching people dance and having a good time. That's when Dee got interested in Djing. He followed Grandmaster flowers, Pete DJ Jones and other DJs of the era. At the age of 16 Dee received  equipment with the help of his mother. Dee also was the president of the first division first chapter of the black Spades which was the largest gang in the Bronx at that time. Dee and Tyrone the mixologist his brother began playing in the Parks of Soundview bronxdale and Bronx River with Disco King Mario another Black Spade member. Playing music for The B- Boys also still playing in the clubs downtown as a professional DJ. Dee and Tyrone also played Brooklyn Queens Manhattan spreading hip hop wherever they went. Kool Dee and tyrone the mixologist has been recognized for having the first Crossfade mixer in the Bronx and for their contributions in the early seventies they are unsung but authentic hip hop pioneers.

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