Pioneer and legend, DJ Ready Red, former member and producer of the Ghetto/Geto boys, began his professional career in a time when southern hip hop artist were not taken seriously. Born and raised in Trenton,N.J., Red brought "the up north" sound he cultivated with some added flavor, helping to create the foundation of RapAlot Records and the southern hip hop movement. Growing up in the seventies, Ready Red was heavily influenced by his idols, Bruce Lee and Grand Master Flash. Also being a fan of the Star Wars saga and blaxiplotation movies, Red would weave all of these influences through out his music. Believing that each rap was like a movie, Red used break beats, drums, impersations and even Tony Montana to create soundtracks for the streets. Though he never professed to be a MC, you can hear his passion for social injustice on his solo track, "Why do we live this way" and famously quoted verse on "Do it like a G.O. With hardcore rhymes ripped straight from headlines and beats to match, the world began to take notice. 
Ready Red's genuine love for the culture of Hip Hop was truly a part of his life. This being one of the reasons why the group had the same impact as such greats as Grandmaster Flash & Furious 5, Public Enemy, RUN DMC, which gave him a different outlook on Hip Hop period. 
After leaving the group, DJ Ready Red continued to work behind the scenes producing projects and providing mentorship to up and coming artists. He enjoyed assisting them and working with new talent in the Bay area as well as his home state of New Jersey. 
Prior to his passing, he was actively working with fellow members Johnny C and Sire JukeBoxx of Ghetto Boys fame on new projects, apart of the WhoMagtv roundtable, as well as providing free music workshops for the youth in his hometown. 
DJ Ready Red leaves a legacy of music, social activism, and mentorship which  continues on through his foundation, the DJ Ready Red Foundation.
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