Rick Milian is from the East Bronx, Bronxdale and Bronx River Houses.  Rick started out in Hop Hip in the mid 1970’s when the likes of Disco King Mario and others played music in the parks, hence the name Hip Hop’s Jam Chaser.  During the summer months, you would find Rick at almost every jam played in many of the parks in the Bronx.  Rick did everything he possibly could to be a part of Hip Hop movement.  Early in Hip Hop he carried equipment, crates of records just to be around the music and participate.  When Hip Hop moved indoors in the early 80’s, you would find Rick up front and center at places like T-Connection, Webster P.A.L. Harlem World and other venues around the city.  Rick left Hip Hop in the late 80’s to raise his family and pursue a career in healthcare.  After a 25 year hiatus, Rick made a his return to Hip Hop to not only attend events given by the many legends of Hip Hop, but to assist the Hip Hop family who need information and or guidance within the healthcare industry.  Rick states “Hip Hop started in our community, so now he wants to give back to his community in the form of provide healthcare guidance”  

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