Kyle Brinson PKA Kool Kyle The ORIGINAL Starchild is a pioneer in the Hip Hop culture.  Kyle is a 1st generation GRAFITTI ARTIST,  B BOY and EMCEE, born and raised in The Bx,-NY. He attended highschool with pioneer Kurtis Blow, at The Highschool Of Music & Art. Kyle started djing and rhyming at house parties in The Bx and Long Island in 1976 and his FIRST EXPOSURE to a major crowd was in EARLY 1977 at Club 371 when Dj Hollywood invited him to rock his mic. After this point Kyle began doing  various park jams and parties in The Bx. By 1979, Kyle became THE FIRST SOLO EMCEE with a record deal signing with ENJOY RECORDS. Kyle recorded  2 records with ENJOY, movung to FRILLS RECORDS, and then recording 2 songs with Billy Bill on PROFILE RECORDS in 1985, produced by Kurtis Blow.  Kyle iz the FIRST SOLO rapper to be in a motion picture,  doing Downtown 81 in 1980 STARRING Avante garde artist Jean Michel Basquait. 
Kyle has recorded, co produced  and  continues to represent The FIRST GENERATION of Hip Hop to this very day, doing shows and personal appearances globally. 
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